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Vicky and Chai’s Reception

iheartlakorn goes into good detail with this wedding and has some pictures so click HERE to read the article! What I have to say is that I am so happy for them. They are by far one of the cutest couples I have seen. And Vicky looked gorgeous, on both of her wedding days. I wish them all the happiness in the world!


Aff and Sonkran’s Wedding

Its wedding season! This time, it is the wedding of Aff and Sonkran. They had their ceremony at Sonkran’s Bonanza ranch in Khao Yai. It was very beautiful! Aff looked gorgeous in her traditional Thai wedding dress, and Sonkran wore his uniform. They looked so cute! And Sonkran started crying, and Aff comforted him. Such a beautiful couple. A few dara’s came to the ceremony including Chai and Vicky as well as Benz Pornchita.

Chai and Vicky on Tonight show

This week’s tonight show interviewed Vicky and Chai who are going to be married very soon. I am just so jealous of this couple! They are so cute together, I am so jealous. After watching it, I just feel like, gosh, why can’t I find a guy like this and become a couple like this. Maybe its also the Valentines day affect, as I am still single 😦 But please watch this if you want to watch a cute and romantic story about two people. I love how this couple are so normal, they do not overact their relationship because they are famous. They are so normal, calm, well mannered, and they just look absolutely perfect for each other. I wish them a very happy marriage!

Sapai Jao and Jao Bao Kon Krua

Yay! I found it! I remember watching these two lakorns a long time ago when I was little. Both of the lakorns have Vicky Sunisa. Sapai Jao (2002) is a period romance drama with Kong Saharat and Jao Bao Kon Krua(2006) is more of a romance/comedy with Pip Rawit. I recommend both! Please watch it!

*The links I added aren’t the best quality it was the best I could find and both lakorns are pretty old.

Sapai Jao


Jao Bao Kon Krua