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Ruk Khun Tao Fah

I am really looking forward to this lakorn, one because my favorite actor Ken Theeradeth is in it, as well as four nang ek, Cherry Khemupsorn, Chompoo Araya, Ploy Cherman and one more that they have not found yet, as well as so many other big name actors and actresses! It is a huge production by new direction(or producer I am not too sure) Noi Bussakorn, Ken’s wife. The story seems very interesting according to the interviews! I CANNOT WAIT!!! Hopefully it will finish filming and will air soon!


Same theme, New generation

Do you see the similarities?! I was searching up Kara Polasit because I watched Kang Lang Paab yesterday, and I came across this picture! It is pretty much exactly like the photo shoot that Yaya, Kimberly, Mint and Margie did at the┬ábeginning of this year! But the old picture had the famous females of that time. But I only know three, Kara, Nok Sinjai and Noi Bussakorn. I am not sure when the picture was taken, most likely in the late 90’s. They took the same concept and theme, with the new generation! I am not sure if anybody else knew this already, but I found it interesting and funny. Maybe thats just me.