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4+1 Channel 3 Superstar Concert

Sorry, the links that I added to my last post was taken off from youtube, but luckily, somebody else uploaded it onto youtube so hopefully this will not be taken down. It is not as good quality as the first one but it’s not too bad.


4+1 Channel 3 Full Concert!

Finally, somebody uploaded the whole 4+1 Channel 3 Concert on youtube. I have been dying to watch it!!! All five of them are just so good looking! I was amazed at how good Nadech was at singing. He really is just the whole package! Except, they all sang in tune, it seems impossible, especially the first song. It was like all in pitch, hmmmm, but I won’t look at it in a bad way. Anyway, I enjoyed watching the concert. Enjoy!

Only You mv English Subs

Here is Noona’s latest music video Only You with English subs. The more I listen and watch this mv, the more I love it!!

Mark on Tonight Show December 5, 2010

I know this was a while ago (2010) but one of the channels that I subscribe to on youtube just liked this link so I saw it and I thought why not put it up. So here is Mark on the Tonight Show. He talks about his life, his family, how he entered the industry and his judo black belt talents. Enjoy!

Only Only You MV

Only Only You is Noona Nuengtida’s latest single. The first time I listened to it, I was wondering what she was saying and how she didn’t do the best job in enunciate her words , but after I listened to it a few times, and finally got to watch the mv, I am starting to like it. The story line of the mv is very cute. It is about a woman who is having troubles in her life and sees an ad of a place that teaches how to make chocolate. She goes to that shop, but the owner/cook, who is Mark Parin, says he can’t teach anymore because he needs to go get married. But then he says, “I will teach you if you get married with me”. That part is so random, but she agrees. So they live together and he teaches her how to make chocolate. But all of this is just an act for Mark’s parents, because I am guessing they want to see their son get married. But then once the parents leave, Noona is “free”, but of course they fall in love, so they come back together again. Very typical plot but still cute!

Ratree Samosorn January 11, 2012

This weeks Ratree Samsorn invited the cast of 3 Noom Nuea Thong. All three couples came. I laughed the whole time. I didn’t know Marie was the quiet type. She looks like a loud and funny person, but maybe I get that impression from her character in the lakorn. Kimberly talks a lot more than she used to, I am glad! The boys are just hilarious, especially Boy and Mark. Everybody teased Mark of being in love with Toey, and whenever that came up his ears would go red. And Boy was just hilarious, as usual. And they were talking about how the guys were voted as the most huggable guys and the girls had to comment about it. That was really funny. I LOVED IT WHEN THEY SANG! The boys sang the theme song from the lakorn and its just so, cute! I really like  that song! Watch more to find out more interesting facts about the three actors and three actresses!

Here is the part where Mark, Boy and Ken sing the theme song Ruk Hai Roo.

3 Golden Boys

I know I have a lot of posts about 3 Noom Nuea Thong but I am just in love with the three guys! They are just so cute, good looking, charming, and the list can go on. So here are some pictures of the three and sometimes with Mario and Nadech from the 4+1 Channel 3 Superstar. Enjoy!