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Matt Peeranee on Tonight Show

Matt Peeranee was the guest on this week’s Tonight Show. She talked about how she got into the industry, her personal life such as her studies, which made her start tearing up, as well as which lakorns were important to her acting career. She is so cute and adorable! And she was forced to talk about Jack, an actor who played as James in Rak Prakasit or the son in Tuddao Bussaya as well as many other lakorns. They say they are just friends now but I think they will look very cute together.


Watch the 2PM Show!

For the past week, I have just been watching the 2PM Show. If you are a fan or just simply like the 2pm and know who they are, watch the show. Every episode is just so funny I laugh until I cry, and I am not exaggerating. I really laughed so hard my stomach started hurting. The show is pretty much a game show. All 6 members are challenged with different challenges and they have to do them. Some of them are completely bizarre, but that is what makes it so funny! You really get to see the different personality of all six members too. I actually started watching random episodes, but then I started from episode one after watching a few later episodes. I really think it is funny and if you need something to watch to ease your stress or in need for a laugh, this show is for you!

4+1 Channel 3 Superstar Concert

Sorry, the links that I added to my last post was taken off from youtube, but luckily, somebody else uploaded it onto youtube so hopefully this will not be taken down. It is not as good quality as the first one but it’s not too bad.

Pleng Puea Dow by The Star 8

Here is the latest finalists of the Star 8 singing the traditional song that all finalists of the Star have sung since The Star 1, Pleng Puea Dow. I actually like this version this year, it is not as sci-fi (but it does get a bit techno later in the song). I wished the singers had more “umpf” when they sang it, it was a bit boring, but not too bad. Enjoy!

Dome in The Star 8

It is the round before the judges choose the final 8 that goes on to compete for the place as The Star 8. One of my favorite competitors is Dome. He is chubby but he is so cute! And more importantly, compared to the other guys, and girls, he has a strong voice. I really hope he does well in the competition.
I really liked his version of Nalika Tai (the one Yaya sang for Tawan Dued). He made it more jazzy but still had the same effect as the slow version. He made many of his fellow friends and competitors in the audience cry. I almost did too!

The Melody Ost

Dan Worrawech is the pra’ek and singer of the new movie The Melody. It is a music movie with the new nang’ek (from Autumn Destiny with Mario Maurer). This looks like a cute romance movie of a famous/semi famous singer (Dan) who goes to the north and meets a girl who is also a musician. From what I understand from the trailer, she helps him find his heart and helps him write his heart felt songs. But then she becomes sick and he is devastated. I really like this song. I also really like Dan’s voice, its so warm and soothing. He sings it quite well live too on Ratree Samosorn.

Movie Trailer

Dan on Ratree Samosorn

Chai and Vicky on Tonight show

This week’s tonight show interviewed Vicky and Chai who are going to be married very soon. I am just so jealous of this couple! They are so cute together, I am so jealous. After watching it, I just feel like, gosh, why can’t I find a guy like this and become a couple like this. Maybe its also the Valentines day affect, as I am still single 😦 But please watch this if you want to watch a cute and romantic story about two people. I love how this couple are so normal, they do not overact their relationship because they are famous. They are so normal, calm, well mannered, and they just look absolutely perfect for each other. I wish them a very happy marriage!