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Mai Job Mai Chai Mai Jeb (When It’s Done it Doesn’t Mean it Doesn’t Hurt) mv by Noona

I am sorry I haven’t been writing much. I have been in Thailand and have been quite busy! I haven’t been watching much other than watching lakorn every night. Gosh I enjoy watching lakorn on youtube more than on actual TV because I don’t have to wait for commercials and I can skip the boring parts!

Anyway, here is the teaser for Noona’s new mv Mai Job Mai Chai Mai Jeb, which I  translated into  When It’s Done it Doesn’t Mean it Doesn’t Hurt. I am not sure if that is the best translation or not. The pra’ek is Boy Pakorn. The setting is when they are both in an arts university, but what happens, we will have to watch the mv! I can’t wait until it comes out! They look really cute looking from the pictures and the teaser.

MV teaser

Behind the scenes

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Last night was the grand finale for The Star 8. The finalist was Dome and Kangsom. BUT, Dome won the title of The Star 8! I am so happy for him. I cheered him throughout the whole season so I am happy he won! He really has an amazing voice and sometimes when he sings I really start crying. In his mini concert on Saturday, when he sang his last song “Kob Khun Tee Rak Gun” (Thank you for loving me), I really started crying because not only did I like that song, he went down into the crowd, he went to his parents as well as the judges and his teachers to say thank you. His mother wiped away his sweat and hugged him. It was really beautiful. I cannot wait to see more music by Dome.

Here is the link when he sang Kob Khun Tee Rak Gun

Here is the link of the mini concert on Saturday

And here is the link of the Grand final on Sunday

4+1 Channel 3 Superstar Concert

Sorry, the links that I added to my last post was taken off from youtube, but luckily, somebody else uploaded it onto youtube so hopefully this will not be taken down. It is not as good quality as the first one but it’s not too bad.

Pleng Puea Dow by The Star 8

Here is the latest finalists of the Star 8 singing the traditional song that all finalists of the Star have sung since The Star 1, Pleng Puea Dow. I actually like this version this year, it is not as sci-fi (but it does get a bit techno later in the song). I wished the singers had more “umpf” when they sang it, it was a bit boring, but not too bad. Enjoy!

Dome in The Star 8

It is the round before the judges choose the final 8 that goes on to compete for the place as The Star 8. One of my favorite competitors is Dome. He is chubby but he is so cute! And more importantly, compared to the other guys, and girls, he has a strong voice. I really hope he does well in the competition.
I really liked his version of Nalika Tai (the one Yaya sang for Tawan Dued). He made it more jazzy but still had the same effect as the slow version. He made many of his fellow friends and competitors in the audience cry. I almost did too!

2PM I’m Your Man

I know this music video came out last year, but I have just started my 2PM addiction. I am in love with Nichkhun and Taecyeon! But, this music video is so hot and sexy at the same time having style and class! It’s full on dancing and you can pretty much understand the story though the choreography. I really liked the choreography for this music video, very impressive. This is in Japanese, but even though I am half Japanese I cannot understand all of it, but Enjoy!

Keb Ow Wai mv by Note the Star

Here is a cute music video boy Note the Star 7. It is a cute and funny storyline about a girl and a boy. The boy is a rich material boy who thinks he can buy his love with money and gifts. But, the girl is very down to earth and does not like how he is always using his money to buy her, he is always around her which makes her annoyed. Have a listen!