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Koo Gum New Lakorn

I am really looking forward to this lakorn. I just saw the preview for Koo Gum, the remake with Bie and Noona. The original version was with Bird Thongchai. I personally love Bie and Noona so I am really looking forward to the remake. And,  since it is done by exact, I hope it will be a good lakorn. I do not think it is going to come out soon as the posters have just come out, but hopefully it will be out this year!


Waew Mayura Teaser

The new lakorn with Boy and Marie. It is a remake of a Waew Mayura that was made a many years ago. I like Boy and Marie together. Even though Marie’s acting is not that great, because she is a newbie, I think she is gorgeous! Even Oh Anuchit is in it! I hope the lakorn will be good!

Mam Gam Daeng

Why have I not seen this teaser before? I remember watching news about this lakorn but I did not know it was coming out so soon! Mam Gam Daeng is airing tonight starring Chakrit and Matt Peranee. I am looking forward to it! It looks really cute! And, they went to London to film as well so I am looking forward to the nice scenery. I think Chakrit and Matt make a good onscreen couple! They seem very cute together when they were hosting Seesan Bantueng last night. Lets hope the story line will be as fun and exciting as it looks!

Watch Online (Eng Sub)

Here is just a quick post about a website that has english subs for Thai, as well as other Asian dramas. I personally don’t use it so I am not sure how good it is, but my friends use it and they say its pretty good. They do not have a lot of Thai dramas, but the ones that they have are pretty good lakorns. So enjoy! 

Ruk Khun Tao Fah

I am really looking forward to this lakorn, one because my favorite actor Ken Theeradeth is in it, as well as four nang ek, Cherry Khemupsorn, Chompoo Araya, Ploy Cherman and one more that they have not found yet, as well as so many other big name actors and actresses! It is a huge production by new direction(or producer I am not too sure) Noi Bussakorn, Ken’s wife. The story seems very interesting according to the interviews! I CANNOT WAIT!!! Hopefully it will finish filming and will air soon!

Rak Prakasit Teaser

I am really looking forward to this lakorn. I am looking forward to see Por and Aff as a couple. The story line seems like a ordinary one, but I hope the actors and actresses will make it interesting.

Torranee Nee Krai Kong Teaser

Here is the official teaser for Torranee Nee Krai Kong. I don’t know why the teaser is coming out now because I thought it was going to come out in April. I guess not. Looks good and cute! I cannot wait until it comes out!