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Kang Lang Paab (Behind the Picture)

I found this movie today. It is the movie version of Bie Sukrit’s musical that he did a few years back. Well I should say that Bie’s musical is the musical versino of this movie as this movie was taken back in 2001. It stars Ken Teeradeth. I am not sure who the female lead is. It is so funny to watch Ken’s acting back then. Thank god he has improved with time. He was so expressionless, not to much acting, I am not sure if that was what was wanted or if he actually acted like that. I am glad he has improved his acting since then. Try watching it and see what you think!


Kularb Rai Glai Ruk

Kularb Rai Glai Ruk is a story about two families who join together. Naet (Naetchanok) is a the daughter of Thepthai. Her mother died when she was young so she was very attached to her father. She was like a princess in her house because not only her father but also her grandparents did everything for her. But, after years of being a single father, Thepthai decides to have a girlfriend. But, his girlfriend (Mon) is about the same age as Naet, which makes Naet automatically hate her dad’s girlfriend. Naet convinces her dad to break up with Mon, and after heavy thinking, he finally accepts. Thepthai breaks up with Mon, but at the same time Mon is pregnant but did not tell Thepthai. Everybody in Mon’s house soon finds out that she is pregnant which makes her older brother Chon (Chonchanok) very angry and goes to Thepthai’s house, where he meets Naet. They both hate each other because Naet is the daughter that made Chon’s sister pregnant and Chon is the brother of the woman that Naet hated the most. But then once Thepthai finds out that Mon is pregnant he asked for her hand in marriage and they got married. This made Naet very angry and made her leave the house. She is always angry at her dad and believed that nobody loved her anymore. She always argued with Chon but they soon fall in love. Then everything is a happy ending in the end.

Even though this was a typical lakorn, I really liked it. I think Matt Peeranee and Great Warintorn played very well together. I really felt the chemistry between them, maybe because both of them were open people so they got to know each other fast. I cried a lot because sometimes it was so sad and sometimes it was so cute! I think this will be one of the best lakorns for me for this year. I cannot wait until their new lakorn together.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Sing Lek Lek Tee Riak Wa Rak)

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS MOVIE! I think this is the best Thai movie ever and I am glad that it was voted the most popular movie of the year 2010. Maybe because I am a girl, and I understand how girls feel when they’re in love, I totally understand Nam. It is truly based on a true story…of everyone. I am sure all the girls out there have had a guy that they have had a crush on but kept it their secret. I do, but I could never tell him that I actually like him. I wish I was as crazy as Nam and do all those things the books tell her to do but, everybody is different, everybody has their way of telling the guy, or girl that they like them. I loved the story line how Nam was at first dark, not so pretty and unnoticed but then changes herself for the guy she likes. Of course this can’t always be true with everybody, but a guy should like you for who you are, not how pretty you are. And that is what Shone did. He loved Nam before she got pretty, and kept on loving her. The first time I watched this movie, I cried at the end with the book scene. I thought that was the cutest scene ever. I was crying, smiling and just sawing AWWWWWW. I made my friends watch this movie. They had to watch it with the English subs because they don’t understand Thai but they still loved the movie. I don’t think one has to understand Thai to love and get the meaning of this movie.


Nam is an unnatractive girl who falls in love with Shone, a guy 2 years older. She tries everything to make him interested in her and to make him like her as well. She becomes prettier, becomes Drum Major, studies harder just for him. But, she is asked to be a girlfriend of Shone’s bestfriend. She hangs out with him but she never liked him. In the end, she just dumped him, and said that she never actually said she would be his girlfriend. I thought this part was pretty mean but oh well. Then Shone’s friend asked Shone to never go out with her because he was really heartbroken by Nam. But in the end, the truth is revealed. Shone had liked Nam since the first time he met her. He was upset when his friend asked her out and after when his friend asked him to not like and date Nam. But he really liked her but he couldn’t do anything about it because he was a good friend. Nam finally admitted to Shone that she liked him for 3 years, at Shone’s graduation, but it was too late, he was going out with somebody else. But when he went home, he brought out a book that had pictures and memories of her for the past 3 years. He brought it to her house but just left it on her doorstep. The next scene is 9 years later when they are both grown up.

Here is the trailer if anybody wants to watch it. I really recommend this movie 🙂 YouTube – Crazy Little Thing called Love (aka First Love) Trailer High Quality

4 Huajai Haeng Khun Khao

4 Huajai Haeng Khun Khao is a lakorn that consists of 4 stories (4 couples) made to celebrate 40 years of Thai Channel 3. The four couples is, Aum Atichart and Kimberly Voltamus, Nadech Kugimiya and Yaya Urassaya, Mark Parin and Mint Chalida, and finally Boy Pakorn and Margie Rasee. Kimberly plays Nam, Nadech plays Fai, Mark plays Din and Boy plays Lom. They are quadruplets who were born from GIFT.
The first couple is Kimberly and Aum. Aum is a Prince from Parawat and is assasined by his enemies but he survives, and ends up in a hospital where Kimberly works, because she is a doctor. He pretends to lose his memory but it is just for his safety. They have several hurdles that they have to go over together but like always, they end up marrying each other. I thought it was pretty good and I liked how it was pretty short (9 episodes). Kept everything concise and it didn’t get too boring, like many other lakorns do if they go for too long. The second couple is Nadech and Yaya. I think this one was the cutest story out of the four. Nadech and Yaya’s family are enemies as the both Nadech and Yaya’s dad liked the same girl, when they were younger. But the girl chooses Nadech’s father, which makes her Nadech’s mother. So they become enemies and competitors because they both own farms that produce milk. Nadech and Yaya always fight but after fighting a lot, they start to like each other. But they have the family to deal with, so this causes more issues. But they end up together. The third couple is Mark and Mint. I was really looking forward to this one because I personally like Mark but I ended up being really disappointed. It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. Mark is the owner of a resort and Mint is a daughter (from the second wife, a servant) of Mark’s competitor. Mint wanted to get revenge at Mark for her dad so she tried to make problems for Mark’s resort. But then they start liking each other, and you know what happens after that. The last couple is Boy and Margie. This is more of sci-fi lakorn with ghosts and things but its not scary. This one was better that I thought it would be. It was quite entertaining. Boy is a playboy and goes around with all these girls. A evil person (not sure how to call him) sets a curse on Boy and then Boy starts feeling really weird, he had needles in his tummy once. Margie could see ghosts and tried to help Boy, making them fall in love. Boy didn’t believe Margie at first, but then after all the things that happened to him, he started believing in what she told him. They both get injured and have some family problems but everything ends up being ok in the end.
Here are some pictures of the cast.