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Mai Job Mai Chai Mai Jeb (When It’s Done it Doesn’t Mean it Doesn’t Hurt) mv by Noona

I am sorry I haven’t been writing much. I have been in Thailand and have been quite busy! I haven’t been watching much other than watching lakorn every night. Gosh I enjoy watching lakorn on youtube more than on actual TV because I don’t have to wait for commercials and I can skip the boring parts!

Anyway, here is the teaser for Noona’s new mv Mai Job Mai Chai Mai Jeb, which I  translated into  When It’s Done it Doesn’t Mean it Doesn’t Hurt. I am not sure if that is the best translation or not. The pra’ek is Boy Pakorn. The setting is when they are both in an arts university, but what happens, we will have to watch the mv! I can’t wait until it comes out! They look really cute looking from the pictures and the teaser.

MV teaser

Behind the scenes

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Vicky and Chai’s Reception

iheartlakorn goes into good detail with this wedding and has some pictures so click HERE to read the article! What I have to say is that I am so happy for them. They are by far one of the cutest couples I have seen. And Vicky looked gorgeous, on both of her wedding days. I wish them all the happiness in the world!

4+1 Channel 3 Superstar Concert

Sorry, the links that I added to my last post was taken off from youtube, but luckily, somebody else uploaded it onto youtube so hopefully this will not be taken down. It is not as good quality as the first one but it’s not too bad.

4+1 Channel 3 Full Concert!

Finally, somebody uploaded the whole 4+1 Channel 3 Concert on youtube. I have been dying to watch it!!! All five of them are just so good looking! I was amazed at how good Nadech was at singing. He really is just the whole package! Except, they all sang in tune, it seems impossible, especially the first song. It was like all in pitch, hmmmm, but I won’t look at it in a bad way. Anyway, I enjoyed watching the concert. Enjoy!

Chai and Vicky on Tonight show

This week’s tonight show interviewed Vicky and Chai who are going to be married very soon. I am just so jealous of this couple! They are so cute together, I am so jealous. After watching it, I just feel like, gosh, why can’t I find a guy like this and become a couple like this. Maybe its also the Valentines day affect, as I am still single 😦 But please watch this if you want to watch a cute and romantic story about two people. I love how this couple are so normal, they do not overact their relationship because they are famous. They are so normal, calm, well mannered, and they just look absolutely perfect for each other. I wish them a very happy marriage!

I am in love with Nichkhun!

For the past few days, all I have been doing is watching videos of Nichkhun! He is so cute! I love his smile, I love his voice, I love him! So proud to be a Thai 🙂 He has improved so much in the past few years! And he is really gifted in language! He speaks Thai, English and Korean perfectly! I would have never guessed he was Thai! He looks Korean, speaks it and understands it perfectly, I am so impressed! I wish he had more singing parts in 2PM songs.

Nichkhun on Woody

I love this song now because of him!

Nadech and Yaya photoshoot

This photoshoot was of a few months ago for the magazine Sudsupda. I really liked this theme and the photos that were taken. It is a really colorful and fun shoot. Here is the “behind the scenes” for this photoshoot. I was watching it and smiling, and I burst out laughing when Boy Pakorn appeared. I wonder why he was there. It was just so funny though.