This blog is for Thai Lakorn lovers. I love watching lakorn so I just decided to make this blog for others to enjoy looking and pictures and reading about lakorns too. I may be bias so sorry if I offend you or if my opinions don’t match yours. All I write about is from my opinions so facts may not always be 100% correct. I get the actors and actresses information from http://wiki.asianfuse.net/index.php?title=Main_Page and other websites.

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*This blog is for entertainment purposes only.


6 responses to “About

  1. I accidentally watched a lakorn then I totally indulge in..
    what can I say about it..lakorn uses different way to express romances, and it’s just like the scenario of romantic fictions come into real life..
    there are not so many English blogs introducing Thai stars, lakorns and Thai movies, so I really appreciate you create this blog to share those informations to people who can’t read Thai. thanks for your sharing~

    • Hi!
      No problem! Even though I am half Thai, I can’t read Thai either and get frustrated when everything about lakorns are in Thai.
      Thanks for commenting! Please continue reading my blog 🙂

  2. love the movie…. 🙂

  3. wow. why have i only discovered you now. have got to link you.

  4. does this musical have English subtitle?

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