Will Stop Blogging!

Hello fellow lakorn lovers,
I am very sorry to say but I will not be continuing this blog. Recently, I have found that I have been too busy to keep up with this blog. I have not updated for about two months already!
I will be going into my final year of high school and I am sorry to say but I cannot have any distractions because I will need to study 24/7!!! I will not delete this blog or any of my other sites such as tumblr, twitter or facebook. But, I will not be updating anything.
I am not sure if I will come back and blog after I graduate but there might be a chance! I hope you all understand. Thank you so much for your support for the past year and a half! I really enjoyed writing posts, posting pictures and keeping you all updated on lakorn and dara’s.


2 responses to “Will Stop Blogging!

  1. Hi,
    First of all, I would like to say thank you for your blog. I love watching thai lakorns and anything about thai celebrities and I am not even thai. Ha. School is very important and I wish you the best of luck. Take care.


  2. Need to Diet before I Really Regret It

    Thanks for everything & best wishes.

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