Last night was the grand finale for The Star 8. The finalist was Dome and Kangsom. BUT, Dome won the title of The Star 8! I am so happy for him. I cheered him throughout the whole season so I am happy he won! He really has an amazing voice and sometimes when he sings I really start crying. In his mini concert on Saturday, when he sang his last song “Kob Khun Tee Rak Gun” (Thank you for loving me), I really started crying because not only did I like that song, he went down into the crowd, he went to his parents as well as the judges and his teachers to say thank you. His mother wiped away his sweat and hugged him. It was really beautiful. I cannot wait to see more music by Dome.

Here is the link when he sang Kob Khun Tee Rak Gun

Here is the link of the mini concert on Saturday

And here is the link of the Grand final on Sunday

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