2PM I’m Your Man

I know this music video came out last year, but I have just started my 2PM addiction. I am in love with Nichkhun and Taecyeon! But, this music video is so hot and sexy at the same time having style and class! It’s full on dancing and you can pretty much understand the story though the choreography. I really liked the choreography for this music video, very impressive. This is in Japanese, but even though I am half Japanese I cannot understand all of it, but Enjoy!

One response to “2PM I’m Your Man

  1. me too! i’ve just started my addiction in 2pm early 2012, especially nickhun! omggg! i’ve watched 2pm show too n hell yeah, couldn’t agree more, it’s damnnn funny…have u watch army idol show season 3? it’s starred 2pm of total 17 episodes! n wild bunny show..both these shows are very old shows recorded when their previous leader, park jaebum was still around..then there is one show called hot blood, it’s a show showing 2pm and 2am training days even before the set up of 2pm..omggg, i am currently watching we got married of khuntoria, and i am sooooo jealous okay…xoxo

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