30+ On Sale Movie

Here is the link to watch 30+ On Sale on Youtube. I really liked this movie. I thought it was really cute. I loved Ploy’s friends in the movie, very funny, especially Tucky. I enjoyed it, hope you do too!

5 responses to “30+ On Sale Movie

  1. du u noe..any sub for dis movie! pretty pliz tell me~ 🙂

  2. Are you watching all the three of them? 30+ On Sale, Fabulous 30 and latest on, First Kiss? Which one is the best?

    I’m only interested with First Kiss to be honest. It’s because I really can’t stand Pae Arak (too bad because I like Ploy) and Aump (too bad too I like Ken P). Haha. But for First Kiss, I’m a supportive fan of Rotmay and in process to love Petch LMAO. But I’m still debating which one is really good. Would you mind to share your opinion about those three movies or any news about them? Thanks!

    • sorry for the late reply! i havent watched first kiss yet but i have watched the other two. i actually ended up likeing 30+ on sale more than fabulous 30, surprisingly because i was looking forward to watching fabulous 30 more. but i was not THAT impressed by both movies

  3. Hi I’ve read the previous comments about the english sub, still no news about it ? Sorry to ask you that, it’s just I have the movie on my computer but without subtitles -_- thank you, your website will give me ideas of thaimovies to watch, I hope thaimovies could get translated as much as korean or japanese movies ^^ because they are worth it

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