Noona Neungtida

  • Name: Neungtida Sopon (หนึ่งธิดา โสภณ)
  • Nickname: Noona (หนูนา)
  • Profession: actress, singer
  • Date of birth: May 8, 1992
  • Birthplace: Thailand
  • Height: 160cm
  • Marital Status: single
  • Best friend: Fern Pimchanok Leuwisedpaiboon
  • Hobbies: reading
  • Education: Satree Withaya High School



After watching Hello Stranger (Guan Meun Ho) I love Noona! She is just so cute, talented, pretty and is an amazing singer! Hello Stranger was her first movie and first acting gig, and she did such a good job! If I hadn’t known, I would have thought she acted for years. She was better than many other actresses out there. But maybe she was so good in that movie because that was pretty much her own personality. That role was practically her! But she made me love that movie so much! Absolutely hilarious. Furthermore, she is amazing at singing. I did’t think a girl like that could sing! I heard many of her ost from some lakorns, but I didn’t even know it was her singing! She also sings amazing live! Unbelievable. I am just in love with her. She is the cutest thing alive!


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