Ratree Samosorn January 11, 2012

This weeks Ratree Samsorn invited the cast of 3 Noom Nuea Thong. All three couples came. I laughed the whole time. I didn’t know Marie was the quiet type. She looks like a loud and funny person, but maybe I get that impression from her character in the lakorn. Kimberly talks a lot more than she used to, I am glad! The boys are just hilarious, especially Boy and Mark. Everybody teased Mark of being in love with Toey, and whenever that came up his ears would go red. And Boy was just hilarious, as usual. And they were talking about how the guys were voted as the most huggable guys and the girls had to comment about it. That was really funny. I LOVED IT WHEN THEY SANG! The boys sang the theme song from the lakorn and its just so, cute! I really like  that song! Watch more to find out more interesting facts about the three actors and three actresses!

Here is the part where Mark, Boy and Ken sing the theme song Ruk Hai Roo.

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