Ruk Patiharn review

I expected a bit more from Ruk Patiharn. I think it dragged on for too long and the story line was just not that exciting. I think Kimberly did not give enough emotions in her acting, but I get that she is still a newbie. But I don’t think she did a great job, sorry! Even Mart Krissada, he didn’t give too much emotion. I know his character is not very emotional but I find it awkward when Mart cries or becomes emotional. I liked Mint and Alex. I think they had really good connection and they looked cute together, but stop it with the going on and off on and off, I just got bored.

I think the last episode was unnecessary. I found myself skipping through the last few episodes. I think they could have finished the lakorn in 15/16 episodes.

I was a bit confused with the part where Mint’s character found the letter from Mart’s dad to her dad and saying how he killed himself. Maybe I was confused because I was skipping through it but I think it was…hmmm…weird? Maybe it’s just me.

Therefore, I was not too impressed with the lakorn, I expected a lot more but it was not that bad, better than many.

One response to “Ruk Patiharn review

  1. Thanks for your review. I was thinking about watching it, but now I think I’ll avoid and watch something else.

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