3 Noom Nuea Thong update

I came back yesterday from my holidays. Gee I cannot live without lakorn for 3 weeks! I missed it so much!

Anyway, I watched all 11 episodes of 3 Noom Nuea Thong. It has not been as good as I thought, but its ok. Even though my favorite actor and actress is Mark and Kimberly, my favorite couple would be Ken and Toey. Even though Ken’s acting is not that great, I really like their couple and their story. I think its cute. My second favorite couple would be Marie and Boy. Except Naam, Boy’s girlfriend, can get really annoying. But I think Boy plays is part well, I feel really bad for him. I hope Marie’s acting will improve, but I understand it isn’t great at the moment because this is her first lakorn. Mark and Kimberly’s parts aren’t that exciting. Kimberly’s part is just, somewhat boring. Her character is so blind that she can’t see how bad her boyfriend is and how good Mark is. (I would choose Mark over anybody :P) Their couple is just boring, not much happening there.

The story line is ok, funny at times. I really like Toey’s character and her dogs. I enjoyed the scene where Boy became their Papa and Toey is their Mommy. That just made me laugh, and Ken being all confused.

I really like their fashion. All the women dress very nicely. I really like what Kimberly wears. The guys are not so bad, sometimes they make Mark wear clothes that makes him look short, which he isn’t so that is not too great but other than that its pretty good.

I am liking the lakorn and hope it gets better as the story goes on! I wonder how many more episodes will be coming out.

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