Game Rai Game Ruk Last Episode Preview

I think this lakorn has gone a bit too far. I lost my interest after the fourteenth/fifteenth episode. And now, according to the preview, Nang Fah is going to loose her memory, AGAIN! I just feel bad for Sai Chone! But it was an ok drama. The story line lost my interest but I really think both Nadech and Yaya have stepped up in their acting. They are both really good as they had to portray two totally different characters. I was really amazed when Yaya was in the hospital after being brought back from Min Island when she was kicking and screaming. I was like….woah….shes’ good. And Nadech can look very evil and angry but can look so nice and sweet within the same second. I think they both did a very good job. And they have very good chemistry so I think that worked very well. But lets see how this lakorn ends!


One response to “Game Rai Game Ruk Last Episode Preview

  1. i have to agree with you.

    after the 14th or 16th episode i totally lost interest in it. it just too draggy, though i love the directing but the plot lost it spark somehow. the evil prae is more evil and fah is oblivion and the love-hate-hate-love-hate-love-and-hate-again relationship is digging a hole in my soul. but i have to agree, both yadech step up their games. and the scene yaya kicked and screamed at the hospital really got me.. the stares in nadech’s eyes got me too.

    all in all, yeah, it was an okay lakorn. though i think 21 is just too long, considering the plot lost its spark half way. prae good at being evil; i just want to cross the screen and smack a brick on her face. hey, if i feel that way meaning her acting really got me. lol. and p’mor is just too sweet, though it gets annoying when he just love her tooooooo much.

    i love the side characters; plernta and sahat. lol. they are cute. james and thai too.. oh and mami! and saichon’s min island bestfriend.

    i can’t wait for the boy,mark and kim’s new lakorn.. 3 days left! hehe.

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