Chan Ja Yuu Khang Tur MV

This is such a cute music video and song by Singto the Star. I think the story behind this song is really sad but cute, I started to cry. It is about a relationship of childhood friends who become girlfriend and boyfriend in the future. But the girlfriend then has some troubles with her eye sight and needs to get a surgery, but before the surgery, she starts to loose her eye site and gets upset knocking down their beloved toy boat. But Singto comes to calm her, but fails. But after the surgery, she is able to see again.

I really like Singto and I think this song has made me like him even more. He is really cute and is a really good singer! I hope you enjoy this MV!


One response to “Chan Ja Yuu Khang Tur MV

  1. the girl is pretty! and the song is good. i like it.
    the guy/singer reminds me of Big of D2B. i miss him ;'(

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