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I’ll Be Back After January 6th

Hello everybody, I am really sorry but I am going on holidays so I won’t be able to write any new posts until after January 6th. So I hope everybody has a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Game Rai Game Ruk Last Episode Preview

I think this lakorn has gone a bit too far. I lost my interest after the fourteenth/fifteenth episode. And now, according to the preview, Nang Fah is going to loose her memory, AGAIN! I just feel bad for Sai Chone! But it was an ok drama. The story line lost my interest but I really think both Nadech and Yaya have stepped up in their acting. They are both really good as they had to portray two totally different characters. I was really amazed when Yaya was in the hospital after being brought back from Min Island when she was kicking and screaming. I was like….woah….shes’ good. And Nadech can look very evil and angry but can look so nice and sweet within the same second. I think they both did a very good job. And they have very good chemistry so I think that worked very well. But lets see how this lakorn ends!

Si Phaen Din Review

I know I have written several posts on the topic of Si Phaen Din the musical, but this is because I think it is really worth watching for those people who are in Thailand, especially in Bangkok. The musical was delayed two months due to the floods but now it is on show. This is the review from several celebrities that went to watch it on the opening night. The interviews include a short comment from Mark Parin, Aff Taksakorn and her boyfriend Sonkran, and a few older people. I really wish I could watch it. This review made me want to watch it even more. I hope it comes out as a DVD!

3 Noom Nuea Thong Teaser

3 Noom Nuea Thong is coming out on December 16! I cannot wait. The teaser looks really cute and I really like all the three actors (hopefully Ken Phupoom won’t be a dissapointment) and I think all three actresses are beautiful! I hope this will be a lakorn to end the year, even though it will continue to next year. (Wow! I cannot believe it’s almost the end of the year!)

Chan Ja Yuu Khang Tur MV

This is such a cute music video and song by Singto the Star. I think the story behind this song is really sad but cute, I started to cry. It is about a relationship of childhood friends who become girlfriend and boyfriend in the future. But the girlfriend then has some troubles with her eye sight and needs to get a surgery, but before the surgery, she starts to loose her eye site and gets upset knocking down their beloved toy boat. But Singto comes to calm her, but fails. But after the surgery, she is able to see again.

I really like Singto and I think this song has made me like him even more. He is really cute and is a really good singer! I hope you enjoy this MV!