Ratree Samosorn November 23, 2011

Ratree Samosorn this week had two groups of guests. The first half of the show was an interview with Nadech Kugimiya and Yaya Urassaya from Game Rai Game Ruk. It was very cute because they seem to be very close (because they have been working together for 3 lakorns now), so they have a very good connection.

The second half of the show was still with Nadech but with Boy Pakorn and Ken Phupoom joining him. These three awfully handsome men came together for an interview for the Channel3 4+1 Superstars. They were just missing Mario Maurer, because he was overseas during the time it was taken, and Mark Parin, who has been sick (coughing up blood) because he was too tired from working too much (apparently – I hope he gets better soon!) All the guys are just so good looking, cute and very fun to watch. I wish I could go watch their concert, but sadly I cannot because I don’t live in Thailand. So all I can do is watch the last of the 4+1 Channel3 Superstar’s lakorns. Game Rai Game Ruk is showing now, and soon 3 Noom Nuea Thong is coming starring Boy, Mark and newbie Ken.

Anyway, I was laughing through this episode of Ratree Samosorn, so enjoy!

Here is the english sub version.


2 responses to “Ratree Samosorn November 23, 2011

  1. hi, tq for the post:) i love boy, nadech, mark, yaya, mintchalida, n p’margie too. well, of course since ive watched the 4hj series. btw, u’ve mentioned bout the ratree show where Boy brought his brother before on ur Boy Pakorn’s post…so can u direct me to the YT of the episode? if possible with eng sub as im not from thai:(

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