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Ratree Samosorn November 23, 2011

Ratree Samosorn this week had two groups of guests. The first half of the show was an interview with Nadech Kugimiya and Yaya Urassaya from Game Rai Game Ruk. It was very cute because they seem to be very close (because they have been working together for 3 lakorns now), so they have a very good connection.

The second half of the show was still with Nadech but with Boy Pakorn and Ken Phupoom joining him. These three awfully handsome men came together for an interview for the Channel3 4+1 Superstars. They were just missing Mario Maurer, because he was overseas during the time it was taken, and Mark Parin, who has been sick (coughing up blood) because he was too tired from working too much (apparently – I hope he gets better soon!) All the guys are just so good looking, cute and very fun to watch. I wish I could go watch their concert, but sadly I cannot because I don’t live in Thailand. So all I can do is watch the last of the 4+1 Channel3 Superstar’s lakorns. Game Rai Game Ruk is showing now, and soon 3 Noom Nuea Thong is coming starring Boy, Mark and newbie Ken.

Anyway, I was laughing through this episode of Ratree Samosorn, so enjoy!

Here is the english sub version.


Nai Luang Kong Phaen Din MV

It is finally here! The music video has finally come out. I absolutely love this song. It brings tears to my eyes and makes me have goosebumps. It truely has a deep meaning from and for our Thai King. I really hope you listen and enjoy this MV. It is definitely worth watching, especially if you are Thai. I hope you will get the goosebumps and I hope the music will bring tears to your eyes.

Nai Luang Kong Phaen Din Behind the Scenes

This is the behind the scenes of the Exact and Grammy Mv Nai Luang Kong Phaen Din. Starclub interview many different singers and actors that have come together to sing this MV for the Thai King. I cannot wait until this MV comes out, it looks amazing.

Boy Pakorn Chatborirak

  • Name: Pakorn Chatborirak
  • Nickname: Boy
  • Profession: Model, Actor, Pharmacist
  • Date of birth: August 20 1984
  • Height: 180cm or 5’10
  • Weight: 63 Kg
  • Star sign: Leo / Rat
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Education: Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University
I really like Boy Pakorn. I just realized that I did not have a profile post of him. I think I liked him ever since I watched Hua Jai Song Park. I usually don’t like a guy with a mustache or a goatee but, I will make an exception. I really liked him in Wayupak Montra with Margie and I cannot wait for his new lakorns. 
I not only like him in lakorns but he seems like a really nice guy. He is apparently really smart, as he graduated from Chula with a Pharmaceutical degree. Apparently he was a real nerd when he was younger, but that has all disappeared. Whenever I watch shows where he is interviewed, he looks so natural, smart and cute. He is very close with his family, and is very close with his mom because his father has already passed away. Whenever I look at pictures of him and his brothers, and occasionally his mom, on both twitter and facebook, I can tell they they are very close. They take the craziest pictures. And on his interview on Ratree Samosorn when they invited siblings, he brought his youngest brother. They told stories about the crazy games that they play. THey look so rough with their pillow fights and different dares. It’s nice to see a guy being close to his family. Overall, Boy is one of my favorite actors.

4+1 Channel 3 Superstar Photoshoot

I know these pictures came out a while ago, but I hadn’t had a chance to post them. I really like these pictures, they are very lively, young and cute. I really like everybody in this photo shoot, and the upcoming new dara’s.

30 Gum Lung Jaew

This is the latest movie of Aum Patcharapa and newbie Ken Phupoom. It looks quite cute. A very romantic comedy movie, lighthearted and….cute. It is about a 30+ woman who wants to get married but her boyfriend still says he is not ready, or doesn’t want to get married yet. And there is a younger boy (in his 20s) who ends up liking her.

This movie looks a bit like 30+ (Single On Sale), but I am not too sure if they are the same because I haven’t watched either of them, but both of the titles start with 30, and the story line, from the trailer, look similar. We’ll see. I wonder why they would produce two movies that have the same number and seem to have the same plot, around the same time, I personally think it would have been better if they waited a bit. But let’s hope both of them will be successful.

Here is the trailer for 30 Gum Lung Jaew.

Nadech and Yaya Singing on TV3 Starchat

I must admit, they are very cute together. They have very good chemistry both on and off the big screen. This week, they were the guests on TV3 Starchat and they sang the song from their lakorn Game Rai Game Ruk, Talay See Dam. They are both quite good singers and it was really cute to watch them both sing. I quite like the song now, very light hearted and a good meaning song. Very cute