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Ratree Samosorn January 19, 2011

This is an old episode of Ratree Samosorn, and I am not too sure if I uploaded it already, but I really love this episode. This episode is of three pairs of siblings, Sonkran, Rotmay and Chai/Mik. I laugh so hard whenever I watch this episode, especially with Chai and Mik talk. I didn’t know that they were brothers until I watched this! I was so amazed! They are complete opposites. But they are very cute siblings.


Ratree Samosorn October 26, 2011

This weeks Ratree Samosorn was of the Royal wedding in Bhutan. P’Kalamae and P’Ling were invited as part of the media to film the royal wedding, and they also got a private interview with the Princess, the sister of the King. The wedding was beautiful and so were the clothes! And the King and Queen looked so beautiful and happy. The King is very romantic. I congratulate them and wish them a happy life together.

Rak Patiharn OST

Here is the OST of Rak Patiharn. The singer, I think her name is Lula, has a very high voice! She kind of sounds like the singer who sang the OST for Whan Jai Kub Nai Jom Ying, but I am not sure. Maybe not. Anyway, I watched the first episode of Rak Patiharn and it already made me cry! And I think this song is really cute too. Hope the lakorn will continue to make me cry, smile and laugh.

Song from Si Phan Din

I am not sure what the title of the song is. But in Thai its, ในหลวงของแผ่นดิน. This song is in the stage drama Si Phan Din that is showing right now. This song just gives me the goose bumps and sometimes brings tears to my eyes. I am not sure why but this song just moves me. The little girl, Pinta, is just amazing. I think she will be a great singer in the future. She puts so much emotions into her singing, even though she is so young! But when they all come together to sing, I always get the goosebumps. I absolutely love this song, I hope you do too.

Rak Patiharn on Open Vig

This week’s Open Vig was with the cast and crew of Rak Patiharn. This lakorn looks very cute! I cannot wait to watch it. The crew looked very close which will hopefully make the lakorn come out better. Let’s hope its as good as it looks!

30+ (Single On Sale)

This movie is from the makers of Sing Lek Lek Tee Liak Wa Ruk starring Pae Arak Amornsupasiri , Ploy Cherman Boonyasak , Dempan Yuwittaya , Pijittra Siriwetchapan , Tukkie. It looks like a very cute chick flick movie. It is about a 30+ year old woman who is dumped and gives up on her life. But her friends help her find another boyfriend, but one of her friends is a guy, and … you can guess what happens. Can’t wait to watch it!

Thailand ELLE Fashion Week

Fashion is just amazing. I was looking through the pictures of ELLE Fashion week and they’re some very nice designers. And, there are so many famous models walking on the runway, such as Yaya, Pancake, Son, Nadech and many more. And I loved some of the makeup, absolutely gorgeous!

Whoever can read Thai, here is a website of what’s happening. I can’t read so I don’t know how good it is but it should be good because its from the ELLE website.

Whoever likes photos, like me, can go to this website. It is full of pictures from every day of the Fashion shows.