Kang Lang Paab (Behind the Picture)

I found this movie today. It is the movie version of Bie Sukrit’s musical that he did a few years back. Well I should say that Bie’s musical is the musical versino of this movie as this movie was taken back in 2001. It stars Ken Teeradeth. I am not sure who the female lead is. It is so funny to watch Ken’s acting back then. Thank god he has improved with time. He was so expressionless, not to much acting, I am not sure if that was what was wanted or if he actually acted like that. I am glad he has improved his acting since then. Try watching it and see what you think!


One response to “Kang Lang Paab (Behind the Picture)

  1. Her name is Kara Polasit. Oh man, Ken is one hot man, I can see him play as Kobori in Koo Kam!

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