Si Phaendin

I really want to go watch this musical. There are so many talented and famous actors/singers that are taking part in this play. I watched the lakorn before (the one with Nok Chatchai) and it was a long, but interesting. Now it has been reduced to a 210 minute musical starring Gun Napat (Gun the Star), Mutmee Pimdao, Nok Sinjai, ToomTaam the Star, Singto the Star, and many more. I was watching a video of the preview and when they all came together to sing one of the songs, it was so good that I got the goosebumps. And when the little girl, who is amazing at singing, sang her solo, I got the goosebumps, and actually started to tear up because it was that good! If only I lived in Bangkok, or even Thailand, I would definitely go and watch this worthwhile musical.

Here is a very good interview about the play in general from the show Rueng Kong Rueng. *I really like this show, they really go into depth with whatever they are talking about.

Here is also an article from Bangkok Post about the musical.

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