Monthly Archives: September 2011

Mew Laknara in Chin Chinawut MV

I love the MV! Every scene is so artistic with the way they camera angles are, the way the characters are set, the lighting. I think it is just beautiful. And Chin looks really good in this MV, and Mew looks pretty too! The first time I watched it, the story line was a bit confusing, but the beauty of the MV made me like it.


Ratree Samosorn September 28, 2011

Boy Pakorn and Margie Rasee were the guests on Ratree Samosorn this week representing their lakorn that is on air right now, Roy Marn. They are actually quite cute together, I guess this is because they are quite close. They always tease each other both during and off the set. It looks fun to have a partner or co-actors that you are close to, makes the work easier and funnier.

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Same theme, New generation

Do you see the similarities?! I was searching up Kara Polasit because I watched Kang Lang Paab yesterday, and I came across this picture! It is pretty much exactly like the photo shoot that Yaya, Kimberly, Mint and Margie did at the beginning of this year! But the old picture had the famous females of that time. But I only know three, Kara, Nok Sinjai and Noi Bussakorn. I am not sure when the picture was taken, most likely in the late 90’s. They took the same concept and theme, with the new generation! I am not sure if anybody else knew this already, but I found it interesting and funny. Maybe thats just me.

Kang Lang Paab (Behind the Picture)

I found this movie today. It is the movie version of Bie Sukrit’s musical that he did a few years back. Well I should say that Bie’s musical is the musical versino of this movie as this movie was taken back in 2001. It stars Ken Teeradeth. I am not sure who the female lead is. It is so funny to watch Ken’s acting back then. Thank god he has improved with time. He was so expressionless, not to much acting, I am not sure if that was what was wanted or if he actually acted like that. I am glad he has improved his acting since then. Try watching it and see what you think!

Kon Rak Luang Jai OST

This is one of the ost from Kon Rak Luang Jai called Sing Diew Tee Chan Kow. The artists are Boyd & B5. I am actually starting to like it. The more I listen to it, the more I like it. I think the female singer is really good, she has a unique type of voice, very interesting. Hope you like it too!

Kon Ruk Luang Jai English Subs

Some people were asking for Kon Rak Luang Jai with English subs. Here it is! I am sorry for getting back to you guys late, I just came across it today. It is not up to date, as it usually takes subbers a little more time to upload their videos.