Dong Yi

I was in Thailand during the summer and started watching lakorn at 5:45pm. Sorry this is not a post about Thai lakorns but that was the first time I ever watched a Korean drama, and NOW I know why people are so addicted and love Korean drama! IT’S SO GOOD! I was watching Dong Yi on tv and then started watching Dae Jeum Guen (Jewel in the Palace) and I fell in love with that too! Now I am not in Thailand anymore so I didn’t get to finish Dong Yi on tv but I managed to finish watching it elsewhere, and I just can’t get enough! It is just so fun! The story is no as clear cut as lakorns. Another issue always comes up when one is being resolved, kind of thing. So I recommend people to watch it. The story lines are very exciting. It definitely made me smile, laugh and cry along with the characters. VERY good acting. I LOVE JI JIN HEE!!!!! 😀

Here is a little clip about Dong Yi, not very clear but somebody just uploaded it on youtube.

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