KPN The Capital Condo

I met Nadech yesterday at the press conference of the KPN The Capital Condominium. He is the presenter for The Capital Condo. This was the first time I saw him and I was shocked by how good looking he was! He looked absolutely flawless. He was very prepared for the interviews and I think worth every baht KPN paid him. Also, Ken Phupoom and Grace Karnklao. I wish I got a picture with Ken because I am sure he will become famous soon! And I was amazed at how tall Grace was. Even though she was wearing quite high heals, she was taller than Nadech. She is also very skinny! But the presentations of the condo were very impressive and the rooms look very nice. If you are looking for a small condo this is a good choice.

For more information about the condo, click here.

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