Tono Pakin Kumvilaisak

  • Name: Pakin Kumvilaisak (อาเฮีย เฮ่งเจีย)
  • Nickname: Tono
  • Profession: Singer/Dancer/Actor/Entertainment & Arts – Celebrities
  • Date of birth: August 29,1987
  • Birthplace: Khon Kaen Province.


Musicals / Stage Play

  • Hong Nuer Mung Korn – The Musical with Pat Suthasinee (Exact & Scenario 2010)
I actually didnt watch Tono during the Star 6. I never really paid attention to him but after watching him act in Karm Wayla Tharm Ha Ruk, I started to like him. I thought he was pretty impressive as an actor for his first lakorn. He wasn’t that stiff and he cried pretty well which made the emotions believable. I am also following him in Ruen Pae and he still impresses me. I think he is the best pra ek out of the three, not saying that Son and Gun are bad. I was just watching the trailer for his musical in 2010 and I wish I could have seen it. It looked really good. Hopefully I will get to see his other musicals in the future.

3 responses to “Tono Pakin Kumvilaisak

  1. I was beginning to hate Thai Lakorns because every lakorn has a very similar story. Maybe a little change their and here but in every movie Pra’ek is that Mr. Perfect rich guy. Thanks to Tono I am back into Thai Lakorns. Tono is my Mr. Pra’Ek of the year:)

  2. TONO is the best actor,and got talents,When Tono go on the stage with Bie’s concert or Rit’s concert ,Tono is very lovely,even say a little bit ,but make every one gress and laugh ,and Tono is charming,

  3. You’re amazing and friendly….

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