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Mario in Plerng Toranong

I am in love with Mario’s character Plerng in Plerng Toranong. He is always so straight forward and talks so innocently it becomes amusing and funny. But I think this character suits Mario so well because he looks so innocent and he can make himself look even more innocent. And whenever he smiles, it just makes me melt. His smile is so cute! But his character has made me like Mario a lot more than I used to.


Anne Thongprasom

  • Name: Anne Thongprasom (แอน ทองประสม)
  • Nickname: Anne
  • Profession: Actress, Model, Producer, TV Host
  • Date of birth: November 1, 1976
  • Birthplace: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Family: 2 brothers
  • Nationality: Swedish/Arabic/Thai
  • Height: 163cm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Star sign: Scorpio
  • Marital Status: In a relationship with Ae Tinpun Thunthinirun
  • Best friend: Nat Myria Benedetti
  • Collection: Pa-toong (thai/lao skirt) & dolls made of rock
  • Guy in Mind: Someone she can talk to, understanding & is willing to forgive her for any small mistake that she might make
  • Appearence: tall, white skin & maybe a little bit of chinese look.
  • Future Goal: Want’s to produce TV Show & lakorns



Anne has been acting for quite a long time and I do think she is one of the better actresses in the industry. I loved all her lakorns with Ken. I was and still am a very big fan of Sawan Bieng. I think she changes her character quite well, from going from a sweet lady to a strong and aggressive one. I think a lot of younger actresses can learn a lot from her.

Rome Patchata Nampan

  • Name: Patchata Nampan
  • Nickname: Rome
  • Profession: Actor/Model
  • Date of birth: May 1, 1984
  • Birthplace: Khon Kaen
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Star sign: Taurus
  • Marital Status: In a relationship
  • Hobbies: Golf


I am not the biggest fan of Rome but I do follow his lakorns. I think he is a good actor and can act both as a good character and can somewhat act as a bad boy or a playboy, like his role in Mia Taeng. But I really like this lakorn, I think this is another step in his acting career.

Ploy Cherman Boonyasak

  • Name: Cherman/Laila Boonyasak/เฌอมาลย์ บุญยศักดิ์
  • Nickname: Ploy/พลอย
  • Profession: Actress/Model
  • Date of birth: September 15, 1982
  • Height: 168cm
  • Best friend: Sumonthip Leungutai (Kubkib)
  • Sibling: Younger sister of Sinitha Boonyasak
  • Marital Status: Dating Navin Yavapolkul (Tar)
  • Hobbies: Jet Ski, Riding horse, Cooking

TV Series


  • Goodbye Summer (1996)
  • Satang (2000) with Patson Sarintu (Pat)
  • Man Gern Roi Am Gern Pikad: O Lucky Man (2003) with Sam Chotibun
  • Reung Rak Noi Nid Mahasarn: Last Life In The Universe (2003)
  • The Park (2003) with Mathew Dean
  • Buppah Rahtree: Flower of The Night (2003) with Krit Sriphoomset
  • Sai Lor Fah (2004)
  • Buppah Rahtree Phase 2: Rahtree Returns (2005) with Krit Sriphoomset
  • Rak Haeng Siam: The Love Of Siam (2007)
  • 4 Prang: 4 Bia (2008)
  • Buppah Rahtree 3.1: Rahtree Reborn (2009) with Mario Muarer
  • Buppah Rahtree 3.2: Rahtree’s Revenge (2009) with Mario Muarer
  • Eternity A tragedy caused by love (2010) with Ananda Everingham
I am not the biggest fan of Ploy but I do accept that she is a good actress. I remember watching her since a long time ago but she never really got the Nang Ek role so I did not really notice her until the last few years when she really became famous. Now she is seen all over the place, and is one of the most famous Nang Ek’s. I am still a bit confused why she became famous now, after how many years she has been in the industry, but thats good for her. I guess it is never too late to become famous. I was very impressed with her roles as the Nang Rai in Kularb Rai Narm and Rabum Duang Dao. I hope she will also be this successful in the future too.

Om Akapan Namart

  • Name: Akapan Namart (อรรคพันธ์ นะมาตร์)
  • Nickname: Om (อ๋อม)
  • Profession: actor
  • Date of birth: Jan. 28, 1985
  • Birthplace: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Height: 181cm
  • Weight: 73kg
  • Siblings: one younger sibling
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Education: University of Bangkok (Faculty of Communication Arts)
  • Secondary School at Sathit Mahawitayalai Ramkhamhaeng
  • Elemetary School at Darakarm Elementary School


I first noticed Om in his side roll in Sapai Glai Puen Tiang when he played alongside Ann. I thought he was pretty cute and have been following him since then. I also really liked him in Prajan Lai Payak and I think he improved a lot from his previous lakorns. I really felt for him and this made me his fan club 😛 I was happy when he got his first Pra Ek role with channel 7. Now I see him everywhere which is good. I can’t wait to see his new lakorns.

Tono Pakin Kumvilaisak

  • Name: Pakin Kumvilaisak (อาเฮีย เฮ่งเจีย)
  • Nickname: Tono
  • Profession: Singer/Dancer/Actor/Entertainment & Arts – Celebrities
  • Date of birth: August 29,1987
  • Birthplace: Khon Kaen Province.


Musicals / Stage Play

  • Hong Nuer Mung Korn – The Musical with Pat Suthasinee (Exact & Scenario 2010)
I actually didnt watch Tono during the Star 6. I never really paid attention to him but after watching him act in Karm Wayla Tharm Ha Ruk, I started to like him. I thought he was pretty impressive as an actor for his first lakorn. He wasn’t that stiff and he cried pretty well which made the emotions believable. I am also following him in Ruen Pae and he still impresses me. I think he is the best pra ek out of the three, not saying that Son and Gun are bad. I was just watching the trailer for his musical in 2010 and I wish I could have seen it. It looked really good. Hopefully I will get to see his other musicals in the future.