Gun Napat Injaiuea

  • Name: Napat Injaiuea
  • Nickname: Gun
  • Profession: Actor/Singer
  • Date of birth: 23 October 1990
  • Birthplace:
  • Height: 174 cm
When did I first notice Gun? I’m not too sure! But after I watched him the first time, I fell in love with him. He is a really good singer and his smile makes me smile along with him. He seems so cute, innocent and pleasant. He used to be a very shy and quite person but after winning The Star 6, because of his popularity and his position, he needed to become more vocal, and he has done that successfully. I really want to meet him someday or go to his concerts because I listen to everyone of his singles, and I love most of them. I really liked his song Wang Dee Prasong featuring Vio Trio. That actually might be the first time I saw and heard him. I am looking forward to his new and first lakorn Ruen Pae with Tono and Son. I am not too happy of the Nang Ek choice but I will just concentrate on Gun.

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