Cee Siwat

  • Name: Siwat Chotechaicharin
  • Nickname: Cee
  • Profession: Actor / Singer (sometime)/ MC for Jan Pan Dao
  • Date of birth: January 27, 1982
  • Birthplace: Hard Yai
  • Height: 5’6
  • Marital Status: Engaged to Amy Klinprathum
  • Hobbies: Play Sports and Read
  • Talents: Act, Sing, Dance and Play
  • Race: Chinese/Thai
  • Siblings: 1 brother(Bee) and 1 sister(Ae)
  • Education: ABAC University, Degree In Business Management


I really like Cee. I think he is a well natured guy with a good humor. He looks like a really good guy. I like many of his lakorns but he is not the best actor. But I think he is one of the best and best looking actors on Ch7. I just don’t like how he does a lot of action drama’s because I am more of a comedy/romance person. But I really like most of his romance lakorns. I think Cee and Amy Klinprathum look really cute together. I hope they get married soon because they have been with each other for a while. I think this couple is a normal couple, they don’t over do it.


4 responses to “Cee Siwat

  1. Thank you for you post I love cee siwat so much He is the only one i like ch.7 actor.Can you sub his news and lakorn with eng sub because i don’t understand thai.

    • Yes I agree with you! I will try and upload things on Cee but he is not that popular so I cannot find a lot of information about him. But please follow my blog so you can see if I do upload 🙂

      • Hi,
        Why is he not popular?He has alot of lakorn and his all lakorn are very good.He can sing and also can dance, his smile is very cute.I think he is not popular because he has a girlfriend.Thank you for your answer.I will wait his information.I’m a big fan of Cee siwat from America.I like thai lakorn too.

      • He is popular but compared to many other actors, he is not as popular, maybe because of his age, and because he is in a relationship. But I do agree with you, he has a very nice looking personality and he is cute!

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