Kularb Rai Glai Ruk

Kularb Rai Glai Ruk is a story about two families who join together. Naet (Naetchanok) is a the daughter of Thepthai. Her mother died when she was young so she was very attached to her father. She was like a princess in her house because not only her father but also her grandparents did everything for her. But, after years of being a single father, Thepthai decides to have a girlfriend. But, his girlfriend (Mon) is about the same age as Naet, which makes Naet automatically hate her dad’s girlfriend. Naet convinces her dad to break up with Mon, and after heavy thinking, he finally accepts. Thepthai breaks up with Mon, but at the same time Mon is pregnant but did not tell Thepthai. Everybody in Mon’s house soon finds out that she is pregnant which makes her older brother Chon (Chonchanok) very angry and goes to Thepthai’s house, where he meets Naet. They both hate each other because Naet is the daughter that made Chon’s sister pregnant and Chon is the brother of the woman that Naet hated the most. But then once Thepthai finds out that Mon is pregnant he asked for her hand in marriage and they got married. This made Naet very angry and made her leave the house. She is always angry at her dad and believed that nobody loved her anymore. She always argued with Chon but they soon fall in love. Then everything is a happy ending in the end.

Even though this was a typical lakorn, I really liked it. I think Matt Peeranee and Great Warintorn played very well together. I really felt the chemistry between them, maybe because both of them were open people so they got to know each other fast. I cried a lot because sometimes it was so sad and sometimes it was so cute! I think this will be one of the best lakorns for me for this year. I cannot wait until their new lakorn together.

6 responses to “Kularb Rai Glai Ruk

  1. can you help sub some of matt and grate scene just love watching them but can’t understand what their saying i don’t speck thai thank so much

  2. so she married her ‘step-uncle’? ….. hmmm.. weird.

  3. hi` ka` i just tell u abt lakorn kolarb rai sai ruk so really lov it ka. @ the end episode 6 n`7 so really fall in ummmmm……both reallyummmm

  4. can u or some1 noe grate warintorn where can i contact him or write a message to him abt just to tell new fan n` lov his roles ka. please send me my email kordai naka its easy to check my mail ka.

    korb khun mak naka. cant wait.

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