Pong Nawat

  • Name: Nawat Kulrattanarak
  • Nickname: Pong
  • Profession: Actor
  • Date of birth: July 10, 1978
  • Birthplace: Thailand
  • Height: 6′
  • Star sign: Cancer
  • Blood type:
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Hobbies: Reading
  • Education: Primary to High School from St. Gabriel Collage, Bachelor Degree of Economics from Kasetsart University, Master Degree of Economics from Chulalongkorn University


I met P’Pong twice and he is quite a nice guy. He tried really hard to speak English with me. Not bad but sometimes I didn’t really get what he was saying. But he was really nice and funny. He was very natural, he didn’t act stuck up or anything so I was happy with that. He has a very cute smile too! I got a picture with him 😀 And just a random factor, hes REALLY good at badminton. When I was watching him, I was amazed!

But, his acting is average. I really liked him in Proong Nee Gor Ruk Tur but after watching a few lakorns of him, I kind of got bored because he acts the same in all of his lakorns! I was a bit dissapointed of Kha Khong Khon. I thought it would be better.


14 responses to “Pong Nawat

  1. hello..
    what a coincidence~!!I just read your reply then your recent post…and there is Pong Nawat!!
    I just finished watching Kha Khong Khon couple days ago, and he’s not extremely handsome but charismatic!! and leading actress nune’s perfect skin and hair..impressive!!
    I am so envious that you can encounter and speak to Nawat occasionally, I’m in Canada, Lakorns are updated slowly, not to mention the fact there’s no Thai TV show at all..

    • hi! yes i agree that he is not that handsome but very charming. yes i have some connections with him, so i was very excited when i got to meet him last year because i watched almost all of his lakorns.
      i just created a page (that you can find at the top of my blog) that has good youtube channels that you can watch lakorn on. if you want to watch a lakorn with pong, i recommend foreverpongandaom and PongNawatFC because thats where all of his videos come up. but if you want to watch channel 3 lakorns, i recommend kisskeepintouch/kisskeepintouchtwo.

  2. I am #1 fan of Pong. I thought he is so adorable with great smile! love all his lakorn. Been his fan since “Lurt Hong” with Bie Namtip.
    I can’t wait to see his lakorn with her again. I would love to see him w/Noon again. I thought they were adorable. I hope one day I will have the chance to meet him in Atlanta.

  3. Amy
    HI, all. @Jone. I’m with you on being Pong’s #1 fan. I think he’s an excellent!! actor in this generation. I love everything about his acting. At first I thought he’s around my age, hehehe I’m 40. Is not that he look old or anything like that, just that he seem mature, very talented and well educated. If he ever comes to Fort Worth, TX…Boy!!! that would be a dream come true….Love Pong..muah muahhh

  4. Does he have a daughter?

  5. hello thailand! pong nawat is such a really great actor. i have watched his lakorns and i really admired his acting skills as well as his leading ladies. more power to you pong, good health and God bless! more projects and endorsements to come!

  6. hoping that pong nawat and bee namthip will be paired again in a new lakorn. they are such a lovely couple on screen as i viewed buang ruk kamathep. perfect partners on screen and they compliment with each other in their acting skills wether it may be drama, comedy and love story. more power!

  7. pong nawat is so cute. many women admired him here in the philippines. he is so handsome, masculine and a sexy guy. hope he visits philippines someday.

  8. I really like Pong in Kha Khong Khon. i thought he’s really gud on Khun Ruk caractor!!!! Hi Pong if you come to England so let me know ok, i and all my staffs would like to meet you and would like you to come to my restaurant and spa!!!!

  9. I watch Pong Nawat’s lakorn way back in Luerd hong but he was so young and didn’t leave me any special impression. Until recently i watch Proong ne gor ruk ter with Aum, wow i was impressed how much he changes, he’s so good looking and so sexy, especially with his bare chest, he looks so hot. And his acting is very charismatic, i keep watching his dramas one after another as if i got addicted to him. I love the way he look at his partner in the drama, so passionate, so loving and and so sweet. I also like his cute smile too.
    Wish you all the best Pong, hope to see more of your drama, especially your bare chest in your next lakorns.

    I’d like to buy his lakorns with eng subs but i can’t find it anywhere online, anybody knows where i can get them ? I love Kha Kong Khon.

  10. Hi Pong , i knew about you since 3 years ago. I Love every lakorn you played . you are so charasmatic man so i realy admired . In Dork soke i see you more handsome & perfect. I Love smile, your character had a big jealous , arogan but the real of you had a big love & concern to your girl and around poeple. i also like your cute small ,your expression when you was angry. You are very sweet and gentle ,in lakorn you always responbillity with all your done. Next year i’m going to Thailand , my big wish is meet you there . In Indonesia if i want to get your lakorn is very dificult so i buying from a friend from Chiang May.
    Wish you all the best, always be healthy and succes in your live ( carrer & love too).
    see you in next lakorn !

  11. Hi, it takes me a long times to get round to watch Thai film after my daughter repeatedly recommend one of your film. That “hooked” me one after one.
    You are Very Charismatic; I really love the way his expressed eyes + very cute smile….XXx

  12. I love watching Pong lakorn esp Kha Khong Khon with Noon. Hope he can team up with her again. She is so sweet and pretty. Any new drama on air now? Please let me know.

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