Crazy Little Thing Called Love 9 Recipes of LOVE

I re-watched this movie to find the 9 recipes of love but I could only find 5.

Recipe 1 – A Greek Belief

Go to a place where you can see many stars in the sky, Then use your fingers to draw lines connecting the stars as the abbriviation of your man.

Recipe 2 – Old Method from the Mayan Tribe

We have to concentrate our mind then look at our beloved. Try to control his mind and tell him to do things we want him to do. If he follows our command, it means that he is our soul mate.

Recipe 3 – From Scotland

Secretly bring him things that have a meaning from the heart to him. He must not know who gave the gift to him so the target is that he will know that there is somebody who is interested in him.

*I don’t think they mentioned recipe 4, 5, and 6

Recipe 7 – From the Gypsies

The love must build up itself. Use the power of love to make us smarter, more beautiful and better in every way. He will look back at us finally.

*I also don’t think they talked about recipe 8

Recipe 9

If you want to do because of love do it all-out with your heart. Your beloved will come to you finally.

26 responses to “Crazy Little Thing Called Love 9 Recipes of LOVE

  1. Спасибо! Ваш посетитель ! 🙂

  2. John Kevin Ronquillo

    The last method was written that..

    If you want to do because of love
    Do it all-out with your heart
    Your beloved will come to you finally
    5 minutes ago · Like

  3. maybe the 4th method is you have to give your beloved some mangoes. 🙂

  4. 4, 5, 6, and 8 were never mentioned..

    10 was from Thai – it has something to do with sincerity, though not stated on the book but was included in the film

  5. i think:

    method 4th: malingering, or loss of key so that the people we love take us home.
    method 5th: don’t rush to dating. listen to your mother’s advice. : D hehehehe
    method 6th: never thinking.. -_-“a

  6. Michaaa Hearts

    Recipe 10 – Straight to the point .

  7. can i ask where can we buy that book the 9 reipe of love? anyone?

  8. where can i buy the book? my friend wants it… hoping for a reply 🙂 thanks

  9. You could avail them with the box set. It includes all imp. elements of the movie.

  10. 😀

  11. may i know what the 8th recipe?

  12. hope to have this kind of book.. :)))

  13. i lone this movie i wish i have that book to!!! 🙂

  14. hahah..i dont think its effective but their is no harm in trying?!

  15. I’ve already done the first method its kinda fun!!!

  16. Hi… Can somebody help?1 Where can I get this book? Thanks.

  17. Haha.. Have made a bet with my friends.. Who will get their love by follow this recipes.. huaahahahahahaha…. ( evil )

  18. rexie mae alvarado

    wow i will do it all so my beloved will be mine!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  19. I saw the recipe 4 but it was not translated in english so I still did not understand but I saw it at the behind the scenes of the movie

  20. you can buy this in taiwan but it is thai

  21. I think 8 is give your crush a gift.. like MANGO! 😀

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