Bundai Dok Ruk extended!

I think Bundai Dok Ruk should have finished a few episodes ago! It goes back and forth, back and forth. I think it should have ended when Kachow and Thoob saved eachother and Thoob getting shot. Really, why are they extending it even more? Why are they still filming? I wonder when this is going to end. Maybe this is why channel 7 lakorns aren’t that good because they keep on extending the story and they don’t keep the original script. I’m sure the original script was good, but just because the lakorn was a success, they continued. That is when the stories start to go downhill. Like this one, I’m starting to get bored so I only watch it after both episodes of the week comes out (because I watch it from the internet). And now Kachow is really extending it and saying that she won’t see Thoob again. But she cries after saying that. Really no need! Everybody knows that they love each other. And, Thien and Mee Grop like each other and unlike Thoob, Thien made up his mind of marrying Mee Grop. I don’t get why they are still arguing and never just come together, its obvious how thats how the story is going to end!

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